Tuesday, August 21, 2012

nicer curve in Rosslyn

A curve on the Virginia-Rosslyn-Washington multi-user expressway is being widened.  The widening will make the curve safer.  It will also allow cyclists to take the curve safely at higher speeds.

The Ode Street Tribune estimates that net time savings for cyclists taking the curve safely at a higher speed to be about 2 seconds per trip. With an estimated 500 cyclists taking that curve twice a day for 200 days a year, the aggregate time savings amounts to an additional 14 8-hour work days per year.  Efficient transportation easily adds up to many additional vacation days.

The planning of this transportation improvement was excellent.  The improvement is being made in conjunction with the installation of the new power line along the road.  Hence the necessary equipment, work crew, and materials were readily at hand.  The additional cost to widening the curve, given the existing work to install the power line, was probably quite small.  The Tribune urges that the path improvement planning team be granted an additional vacation day in recognition of their excellent work.  

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Anonymous said...

This local cyclist appreciates the new improvements. We're a little bit more banking in the curve away from a real speedway!