Monday, September 17, 2012

Beyond the Parking Lot in Rosslyn

Beyond the Parking Lot, an exhibition currently at Artisphere, addresses ugly urban landscapes.  The bare concrete floor of the Artisphere's Terrace Gallery has the cold, sterile feel of a parking lot.  The exhibition is educational.  It offers concrete suggestions on how to conserve resources, such as not having lights on when they're not needed.  It also offers intimations of uncanny beauty, especially Gregory Euclide's landscape vignettes There's No Place Without Foam.

You should circle again and again from Beyond the Parking Lot in the Terrace Gallery to Pattee Hipschen's Rural Beauty, A Visual Diary of the American Landscape, in the Mezz Gallery.  Is this too great of an artistic range for one place?

Absolutely not.  Head out from Artisphere onto Rosslyn's green sky-road park.  And make sure you come to Rosslyn for Park(ing) Day this Friday.

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