Saturday, October 6, 2012

clouds silence sun boxes

With time, clouds pass.  Today in Rosslyn's Central Space, sun and clouds played Craig Colorusso's Sun Boxes.  The sun boxes have a solar panel on top, and a speaker on the bottom.  Each sun box plays a different note.  The intensity of the sunlight determines the loudness of the note.  If you approach a sun box in the wrong way, your shadow will quiet it.  But if you reorient yourself generously toward the sun, the sun box will start to sing with the chorus of other sun boxes. 

Rosslyn is known for its distinctive sonic atmosphere.  Many persons nonetheless fail to listen carefully to all the sounds of Rosslyn.  Colorusso's Sun Boxes added another layer of sound to Rosslyn.  The sun boxes also encouraged the bustling pedestrian traffic in downtown Rosslyn to slow down and listen to the world.

The Rosslyn Business Improvement District sponsored this wonderful art instillation, which was part of Artisphere's Second Anniversary Celebration.  If you missed visiting Colorusso's Sun Boxes, you can get a sense for what they were like from the video below.  Much more enjoyable is being personally present in Rosslyn.

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