Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marine Corps beats hurricane for marathon teardown

Two races occurred this past Sunday.  The first was the people's marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon.  The second was the race to tear down marathon facilities before hurricane Sandy hit Sunday night.  Marine Corps soldiers set up the marathon and served participants during the marathon.  With the hurricane coming within hours after the end of the marathon, they had no rest and great time pressure for the teardown.  Despite these difficult circumstances, the Marine Corps soundly beat Hurricane Sandy for the Marine Corps Marathon teardown. Oorah!

The Marine Corps does difficult and dangerous jobs.  For their service everyone should be grateful.  If the Marine Corps worked like a portable rent-a-john company, tent shards would be hanging from buildings in Rosslyn, blown over tables would be blocking Rt. 50, and the ground would be electrified with broken sound and communication equipment.  

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