Monday, November 26, 2012

more tree trimming at Westmoreland

Hurricane Sandy took down a large branch at the historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condos.   At today's Westmoreland Terrace Condo Board meeting, the Board approved an approximately $15,000 contract with Lancaster Landscaping to do tree trimming on the Westmoreland property.  Any dead branch over one inch in diameter will be cut down.  Living branches will be trimmed away from buildings.

Another items from the Condo Board meeting:
  • The snow removal contact with Lancaster was renewed.
  • Water usage at Westmoreland appears to be higher than normal.  This problem will be investigated further.
  • Bids for water pipe testing came in at $7,000 and $8,800.  This testing will be deferred to see if pinhole leaks are becoming a recurring problem.
  • Pioneer Roofing is taking a hard line on compensation for damaged heat pumps on the roof of 1336.  Further steps in the matter are under consideration.
  • The board approved one unit installing a bathroom vent. That involves a contractor making a small opening in the exterior of the building.  Board approval is required for any unit modifications that affect the appearance or external structure of buildings.
  • Possibilities for residents installing DirectTV are being investigated.
Attending this month's condo board meeting were residents Lauren, Douglas, and Sanae; condo board members José Calvo, Joe Ruland, and Gretchen Sprehe; and Zalco property manager Lenard Goldbaum. The regularly scheduled Condo Board meeting for December is likely to be canceled.

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