Wednesday, January 2, 2013

making new local connections

The Arlington Mercury provided excellent news coverage of a recent Site Plan Review Committee meeting about redeveloping the property at the south side of N. Pierce St. and 16th St. N. in Rosslyn.  For more enjoyment, our readers' beloved Ode Street Tribune presses deeper.

On Pierce St., just across from the proposed redevelopment site, wires are hanging disconnected on a sturdy telephone pole.  Why is this so? This area of Rosslyn has intricate aeriel wire patterns.  Perhaps this disconnection is a network reconfiguration related to the redevelopment.  Perhaps Comcast is pushing fiber-optic connectivity closer to the building.  How does this disconnection relate to the wait since 2008 for Verizon Fios in some Rosslyn apartment complexes?  Take and walk and take a look for yourself.  Make some new connections in the coming new year!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this in-depth, important story shows OST must have hired a true ace reporter after the Christmas Party Massacre.

Douglas Galbi said...

Yup, an old-school reporter looking for the real deal.