Saturday, January 12, 2013

minor water leak across from Ft. Myer Heights Park

A minor water leak is onflowing across from Rosslyn's Ft. Myer Heights Park.  If temperatures drop below freezing, the path to the sewer could block up, sending water out into the road and creating ice on the road.  Below-freezing temperatures are not in the weather forecast for the next five days. 

Water leaks bring to the minds of informed residents the dramatic story of the Deep Soil Rosslyn Water Blowout back in 2011.  Tens of thousands of gallons of water poured across Ft. Myer Heights Park.  Repair crews dug deep to find the leak.  After a heroic effort, they finally managed to cap the blowout.

This winter thus far has been exceptionally mild, as predicted by the position of the Westmoreland ball.  A local climate scientist believes that the mild winter is associated with global warming.  "Folks should stop driving their cars so much and ride bikes more," the scientist said.  "If they don't, Rosslyn's weather is going to become like Florida's weather."

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