Monday, April 29, 2013

Emil Tabakov stands for duty and service

The historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums was teetering on the brink of disaster at today's annual condo association meeting as not a single person expressed interest in filling an open position on the condo board.  Residents nervously glanced at each other, glum and afraid.  But then Army Reservist Emil Tabakov, standing up Army strong, declared that he would serve on the condo board for another three years.  Tabakov has already served two tours of duty for a total of six years on the condo board.  

In an exclusive interview with the Ode Street Tribune after the meeting, Tabakov pointed out that Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall is a close neighbor of the Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums.  Chaos in neighboring territory could increase risk to that important command center.  While shouldering heavy loads at work and at home, Tabakov took on the additional duty in service to his homeland and to help keep Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall secure.

Other items from the annual meeting:
  • a copy of the condo association budget has not been provided to owners because the budget was finalized only a few days ago.
  • this year the condo association had a net loss of $30,000 on an operating budget of about $150,000
  • the Condo Board has approved a 3.77% increase in condo fees beginning in the new fiscal year (June 1)
  • Westmoreland's Federal Housing Authority loan certification has inadvertently lapsed.  The Board is re-applying for certification and hopes to receive it shortly.
  • According to condo records, Westmoreland is 79% owner-occupied.

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