Friday, April 12, 2013

make organic sourdough spelt-flax crackers

A good product begins with good ingredients.  Here at the Ode Street Tribune, we use only the finest ingredients for making the crackers that power our lively journalism.  Our crackers are organic sourdough spelt-flax crackers.  The basic recipe, which our journalist found while investigating damp spots, comes from the website of a leading mushroom scholar

The ingredients are what you would expect.  The leavening is that old-school journalistic favorite, sourdough.  The Tribune carefully maintains its culture of sourdough.  The sourdough feeds on organic whole spelt flour, which is also used as the flour for the crackers. Until affordable farmland can be found in Rosslyn, we procure organic whole spelt flour from the outstanding small business Small Valley Milling:
Small Valley Milling is a family owned and operated organic flour mill located in Small Valley (7 miles from Halifax or 25 miles north of Harrisburg). The flour produced originates mainly from grain raised on the family operated organic farm surrounding the mill and neighboring farms.
For seeds the Tribune uses Bob's Red Mill organic natural raw whole flaxseeds, ground coarsely just before using.  For oil we use extra virgin olive oil.  A sparse sprinkling of sea salt on top of the rolled dough adds some extra flavor.  With these fine ingredients, follow the recipe and you have wholesome crackers.  Expect nothing less than wholesome from the Ode Street Tribune.

To help step up the level of what's cooking in Rosslyn, help agitate for a good grocery store!

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