Monday, April 8, 2013

yarn bombs explode in Rosslyn

Approximately 3:30pm yesterday, yarn bombs exploded in Rosslyn, covering six trees with colors and shapes.  No fatalities were reported.  Whether any fatalities actually occurred isn't known. 

The yarn bombs are the work a guerrilla stitch brigade that has been meeting in Artisphere weekly since October.  The brigade has brought together 130 volunteers who have contributed hundreds of hours of work to make the yarn bombs.

The yarn-bombed trees mark a path from the Rosslyn metro to Artisphere.  They underscore the unexpected collisions and explosions of creativity happening at Artisphere.  If you want to snooze with some placid Old Masters, go to the National Gallery.  If you seek risk and new possibilities, follow the yarn-bombed trees to Artisphere.

According to a covert operator placed close to the guerrilla leaders, the guerrilla stitch brigade will strike Rosslyn again next Saturday.  The planned target is Cupid's Garden at the intersection of Wilson Blvd. and N. Oak St.  Be watchful in this area Saturday afternoon, or you might get wrapped up in an explosion of yarn.

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