Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rosslyn bunnies deprived of food and shelter

A prime spot for bunny-watching in Rosslyn has been on 14th St. just below the corner of 14th St. & Nash St.   The bunnies would romp in the grass next to the parking lot where a SUV had its tires stolen two years ago.  After frolicking on the grass, the bunnies would run under a large bush where they could rest and eat leaves.

That bush has now been cruelly cut back.  Rosslyn has long been renowned for birds and bunnies. We need to keep birds and bunnies along the streets of Rosslyn.  We should come together and build up, not cut down.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sticking up for the bunnies. They need a friend and they have found on in the Ode Street Tribune. Keep up the good work

Elmer said...

I hate wabbits.

A different Elmer said...

I love rabbits
(Unfortunately one does not choose with whom one shares a name)

HauHuynh said...

The rabbits in Rosslyn are quite a lot, when I learned the news, it was really sad. because I also raise rabbits, I leave them out in my garden. Its favorite food is carrot.