Saturday, June 8, 2013

SUPERNOVA lights up Rosslyn

Rosslyn's ongoing, free performance art festival SUPERNOVA is bringing new light to Rosslyn's unique spaces and vistas.  Stephanie Miracle took over the now-closed Rosslyn Metro Dry cleaners for an exquisite, intimate performance.  Her performance group's "Seen Seeing" reflected through movement and mirrors different sides of work in low-paid service occupations such as dry cleaning and journalism.  When you drop off your clothes for dry cleaning, do you ever think about the workers cleaning your clothes?  When you pull up a fine local news source with your morning cappucino, do you ever think of the journalists out indefatigably walking their beats, irrespective of the weather, to bring you news?  Everyone who saw "Seen Seeing" will.

A common feature of festivals is face-painting for kids.  SUPERNOVA went for a much bigger canvas with Reuben Breslar's belly-painting, back-painting, and other parts-of-body painting.  When you think of Rosslyn, think of a big canvas.
Leah Rafael Ceriello sat, blindfolded and silent, for seven hours in Rosslyn's Crandal Mackey Park.  Her installation included chairs and blindfolds for those who wished to join her for awhile.  She was a vessel of peace and calmness amid the frenzy of SUPERNOVA.
In Freedom Park, Armando Lopez-Bircann and partner alternated masculine/aggressive wrestling with effeminate/affectionate posing.  The piece challenged stereotypes of men and homosexuality.
Patrick McDonough worked a 10-hour day painting the grass white in upper Gateway Park (he'll be back tomorrow to finish the job). Some people paint their grass green. That's fake in a deceptive way. McDonough said that white grass looks like snow, and he likes snow. That's honest performance art work on a hot day.
Lindsay Rowinski and Kat Sotelo were selling artifacts from their past performances.  They had for sale original items from performances, facsimiles of items from performances, and commemorative box sets.  Prices were reasonable, and they were willing to haggle.  Rowinski and Sotelo will be offering their wares again on Sunday. Buy yourself a piece of performance art.
J.J. McCracken finished her epic, 24-hour performance at Rosslyn's Dark Star Park early this evening.  Rosslyn's Dark Star Park is famous among land artists and Grateful Dead fans.  McCracken's unforgettable performance will add to the eternal fame of Dark Star Park.

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