Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rt. 50 west closed at Rosslyn

As of Saturday at 1pm, Rt. 50 is closed heading west from Rosslyn.  A large traffic backup has formed for the detour.  Rt. 50 is closed for the Rt. 50/10th St./Courthouse interchange construction.  The construction does not appear to be as sensational as the earlier bridge demolition.

As always, the smart choice is not to leave Rosslyn.  If you're coming into Rosslyn from the east on Rt. 50, there's no need to go further.  Stop and enjoy Rosslyn!

Update: Rt. 50 westbound will remain closed at Rosslyn on Sunday.  Rhodes St. bridge is backing up from traffic detouring via the Arlington Blvd. access road.  Walk or ride a bike if feasible.

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