Thursday, July 25, 2013

Save Wilson School campaign activated

In response to the Arlington Public Schools' letter of intent to sell Rosslyn's Wilson School, Preservation Arlington has activated a campaign to save Wilson School.   A "Save the Wilson School" facebook page declares:
Our goals are to:
1. Retain and restore this century old property.
2. Retain recreational parkland, open space and permeability of site access.
3. Preserve and renovate existing affordable housing at Queens Court.
4. Retain the civic purpose of the school and educational history of use.
5. Fulfill affordable housing goals of the site with rezoning.
The campaign has also established an online petition to save Wilson School.  The petition is directed to the Arlington County Schools and the Arlington County Board.

In an email to major local media, Preservation Arlington noted:
As of July 24, the Western Rosslyn Study Group has not yet been formally announced.  We understand that there is a great deal of work to be done.  We want to be out there in front to remind people and raise awareness of this important community landmark. 
Well-informed persons are aware of the importance of public art at the site and keeping the Mongolian School in Rosslyn.

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vcrotty said...

Well, PA lost on Arlington Cemetery and now they want to stick the County with an asbestos ridden non historic burden in the Wilson School.

Our children in Rosslyn need a decent playground and sports fields which the sale of the property will provide.