Saturday, July 13, 2013

Squadra Coppi tackles Giro without Rosslyn cyclist

At today's Giro di Coppi, local bike racing team Squadra Coppi was looking grave and sober.  Squadra Coppi had to race without the team's Rosslyn cyclist.  Because he has a highly stressful job, the team's Rosslyn cyclist decided to take a year off from bike racing to try to give his head a chance to recover from the banging.  The team thus far has not been successful in acquiring another Rosslyn bike racer.

All kinds of organizations need the talent that resides in Rosslyn. But securing it often isn't easy.


Anonymous said...

What does "recover from the banging" mean?

Douglas Galbi said...

Many journalist bang their heads on their desks for the lack of appreciation for their work. Sometimes they bang their heads against the wall to try to get their brains to accept their editors' stupidity. "Recover from the banging" encompasses recovery from both forms of banging.