Wednesday, October 29, 2014

free family fun day at Artisphere this Sunday afternoon

To make up for your kids stuffing themselves with sugary Halloween treats, take them to a free dance party at Artisphere this Sunday from noon to 3pm. Kids and adults can dance to the hot retro sounds of Baby Loves Disco. This outstanding event will also feature free screenings of spooky Looney Tunes classics, including A Haunting We Will Go and Bewitched Bunny (what looked like a bewitched bunny was reported in the neighborhood).The event will also feature opportunities for kids to make stuff and play with food. Playing with food a a great activity for some place other than your house. Don't miss this event.

For more nerdy kids (nerdy is good), Artisphere this Wednesday, November 5, will feature a free Aha! Fun with Science kids Euro festival at 11am in the Black Box Theatre. This event will include "explosive toothpaste, giant bath bubbles, and a drive through thick fog." Relax, lean back, and let someone else provide your kids with these experiences. They also have the job of cleaning up the mess afterwords.

Whatever your kid likes, Artisphere has something for her or him.

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Shanley said...

An interesting Sunday at Artisphere, we felt the fun and happiness from the activities in Artissphere. Normally, at the end of the week, I usually let the children clean my house with cleaning tools like best vacuums, mop, etc ... it's been a long time since we've been happy like that.