Tuesday, April 21, 2015

help find lost dog Rennie

Rennie, a Cairn Terrier Mix, was lost this past Friday. Rennie loves other dogs but is scared of people. If you see this dog, don't chase her but try to use another dog or a toy to coax her over to you. She is microchipped and has sutures from being spayed. If you find Rennie, call Sarah. You can get her number from the poster posted at the bus stop at the corner of Arlington Blvd and N. Ft. Myer Dr., or contact the Ode Street Tribune.

Rennie was last seen near the Columbia Pike Apartments near the corner of Columbia Pike and S. Washington Blvd. Rennie is probably now in Rosslyn. Dogs, like everyone else, head to Rosslyn as soon as they get the opportunity.

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