Monday, April 27, 2015

Kip Malcolm elected to Westmoreland Condo Board

At tonight's annual meeting of the historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums, Kip Malcolm was elected by unanimous acclamation to a three-year term on the condo board. Kip has attended condo board meetings, regularly walks his dog around the property, keeps an eye out for public safety in the area, and is active on the condo community facebook group. All Westmoreland residents should be grateful for Kip's willingness to take up volunteer service on the condo board.

Board member Gretchen Sprehe has stepped down after a three-year term of service. Board members Jennifer Feinleib and Joe Rutland, whose terms also expired, apparently have been strong-armed into serving for another term.

As indicated last month, condo fees will rise 2% starting in June. Major capital expenditure this year will be for facade work on 1320 and one other building to be determined. No roofs will be replaced this year.

Twelve residents attended the annual meeting, along with condo board members Jose Calvo, Gretchen Sprehe, and Emil Tabakov and property manager Lenard Goldbaum.Condo board meetings are scheduled for the last Monday each month at 7pm in the condo office. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be May 25. That's Memorial Day. So the meeting probably will be canceled.

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