Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rosslyn white oak continues to florish despite killer mushroom attack

Last year, Rosslyn's famous secret hiding spot at the base of this white oak was filled with a killer mushroom. Mushroom experts offered dire prognostications for the tree. This year the killer mushroom did not return. The tree looks full and healthy. Never under-estimate the vitality of Rosslyn's trees.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the mycelium that produced the mushroom that you saw last year is no doubt still inside this tree
doing what mycelium does, eating away at the core of this magnificent tree. In the world of fungi, as in the world in general, what one sees on the surface is not the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Your readers expect the Ode Street Tribune to go below surface appearances. Doesn't the Ode Street Tribune have access to any Fungi Experts that can review stories like this so that you give your readers an in depth understanding of what is happening in Rosylyn.