Wednesday, August 11, 2010

celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act and Justin Dart

Just a short swim across the Potomac from Rosslyn in the Southwest neighborhood of DC lived Justin Dart, a leading advocate for persons with disabilities.  The Southwest neighborhood has refurbished a historic police call box to celebrate the life and achievements of Justin Dart.  The neighborhood unveiled the call box on July 24, 2010, just two days before the twentieth anniversary of the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The call box is located at 901 6th St., SW.

Southwest DC is an illustrious neighbor to our neighborhood. Some persons who live in Rosslyn work in Southwest.  What better reasons could there be to be interested in Washington, DC?

I uploaded this video to YouTube on July 26, 2010, the actual day of the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the ADA.  But in honor of the ADA, I held off posting it here until I had high-quality captions for the video.

I pursued about five different ways to get it captioned, but none worked out.  Finally, this past Sunday night, I contacted Critical Mass Productions, a commercial video production and post-production company located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Critical Mass Productions quickly delivered the captions as a community service.  Thank you, Critical Mass Productions, for your contribution to celebrating the ADA and Justin Dart in a neighborhood over 1300 miles away!

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K-Jams said...

Great Video!

Don V. Stephens III said...


Thanks for the nice comments about our contribution. It's our pleasure to support the community.

Take care,
Don V. Stephens III
Founder and co-owner, Critical Mass Productions, L.L.C.