Thursday, September 2, 2010

$500,000 Hillside Park renovation raises concerns

Renovation of Hillside Park, which began early this year, is still ongoing.  Hillside Park is a unique forested area in the heart of Rosslyn.  As part of winning approval for the Rosslyn Ridge site plan (the construction to occur near Hillside Park, between N. Oak St. and Clarendon Blvd), the developer put up $500,000 for renovation of Hillside Park.  Some concerns about the renovation:
  1. The renovation project should be finished promptly.  Hillside Park is currently fenced off with an ugly chain-metal fence.  To local observers, work at the park appears to take place only a few days a week.   Half a year is more than enough time for a high-budget, low-action renovation.
  2. The renovation team should show more concern for the health of the trees.  In April, May, and June, total rainfall was about 40% less than normal.  The renovation team did not provide sufficient water to trees that the renovation stressed.
  3. The renovation should highlight the natural beauty of the area.  The upper sitting area will enhances the feel and view of the park.  The lower metal entrance gate directs attention to itself.  The metal bird silhouettes topping the fence and the railroad-style park signage should be junked.  In any case, cleaning up smaller pieces of garbage littered throughout the park is a cheap and important form of renovation.  It hasn't been done yet.

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