Tuesday, November 9, 2010

parking spaces with a cubist view

Art in Rosslyn is not confined to Artisphere.  Art is everywhere.  From bike racks to escalators, inside restaurants to the great outdoors, you can hear it, see it, and taste it.   If you park your car in the lot in 1742 N. Moore St., it gets to look out on this beautiful, cubist-style cityscape.  Persons who work elsewhere in the DC metro area are happy just to get a parking spot on their way to their dreary office cubicles.

The cityscape is composed in part by Rosslyn's award-winning Central Space to Central Place.  If you look down from this vantage point, you'll notice that the edge of the ledge of the building is covered with a ribbon of fine, protruding needles.  These keep pigeons from resting on the ledge and crapping on the persons below who are waiting for buses.  Your chances of getting hit by crap are lower in Rosslyn than in other places!

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