Sunday, July 10, 2011

be a sustainable organic steward

Contain, Maintain, Sustain at Artisphere has rotated in some new artwork.  Tattfoo Tan's S.O.S. Guilds invites exhibition-goers to sign a Sustainable Organic Steward pledge:
I hereby pledge to make the following changes in my life.  My actions will be small, but their collective impact will be great.  I promise to consume fresh and local produce.  I promise to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, and conserve energy.  I will walk, bike or ride public transportation as much as I can.  I will set an example for others as a sustainable organic steward (S.O.S.).
These are good intentions. A pledge makes intentions more solemn, and a public pledge, even more solemn. Who would deny that fresh produce tastes good, especially flavored with garden-grown herbs? The S.O.S. pledge emphasizes the significance of such good intentions for the sustainability of human life on earth.

S.O.S. Guilds now continues in Artisphere's WIP Gallery, just outside the entrance to Contain, Maintain, Sustain.  The WIP Gallery work brings in the economic dimension of art.  It includes details on a small grant proposal for participants to further the ideas of S.O.S. Guilds.  Next to a layout of proposal examples is Tanfoo's book of rejection letters that he has received.  Failure hasn't stopped Tattfoo, and it shouldn't stop you.  The space also includes a money tree containing paper cut-out designs made from near-worthless currency, e.g. Yugoslavian money printed during the Yugoslavian hyperinflation.  It can be viewed as a cuttingly ironic comment on the hope of finding a money tree.

S.O.S. Guilds will be in Artisphere's WIP Gallery through July 31.

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