Saturday, August 13, 2011

see Ray's huge pumpkin at Arlington County Fair

The Arlington County Fair, which started this past Thursday night, will remain a center of the Eastern Seaboard's cultural and entertainment scene through its closing this Sunday night at 10pm (inside exhibits close at 5pm).  Admission is free.

This year's fair includes some notable additions.  Kids can get inside a bubble and race each other around a water course.  They'll get soaked, but have a lot of fun.  The Harlem Wizards, who played against the Arlington Elite this spring, have been giving shows.  Their last show is scheduled for 5:30pm on Saturday (why is the Fair guide made so difficult to find?). 

This year, the fiercely contested food and produce exhibits include the first names of the competitors.  That's an improvement over previous years.  The Ode Street Tribune is in awe of Ray's huge pumpkin.

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