Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rosslyn's wild side bears fruit

A top-ranked Rosslyn freelance reporter has uncovered wild berries growing just a short distance from Rosslyn's celebrated wild flowers.  When persons around the world think of Rosslyn, they usually think of strawberries.  But Rosslyn actually offers a variety of berries.  A major reason that so many people come here is that Rosslyn is juicy.

In other local news today, man once again triumphs over machine.  Biking home from work, Fred went by me, but I held onto his wheel until the Marshall Dr. climb, and then surged.  His bike motor couldn't match my leg power.


Anonymous said...

These berry bushes and other live, growing plants can be useful in soaking up excess groundwater.

Douglas Galbi said...

Rosslyn is both juicy and moist. Look for fruit in downtown Rosslyn.