Thursday, January 17, 2013

expansive world of Latino underground at Artisphere

You have to look tough and be tough to survive in violent, desperate circumstances.  But the art of living is to play good music wherever you are.  You can find that kind of leadership now on exhibit at Artisphere in David Amoroso's portraits of local rappers and raggaetoneros from the underground Latino music scene.

The exhibit, called Delicate/Violent (Delicado/Violento), presents iconic, celebrity portraits of these musicians. The portraits show the violence and danger of a gang-based street world.  But they don't confine the persons to those circumstances.  The portraits include delicate patterns and details and lyrical lines and figures.  The portraits are insistently individual.  In Amoroso's artistic treatment of his subjects, they defy social stereotypes.

Musicians portrayed in the exhibit will participate in a  a free live music showcase on Friday, Jan. 25, from 8-10pm at Artisphere. Scheduled performers include Mr. Pelon 503, El Indio, El Renegado & NCute, Impacto Urbano (featuring Shorty GY), and El Fenome Don Rimador.  Before the show will be a reception (6-8pm) and a discussion with artist David Amoroso and exhibit juror Don Russell (at 7:15pm).   Don't be afraid.  Get tough.  Expand your world with new appreciation for the sights and sounds of local underground Latino music.

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