Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Predictable, Alert, Lawful

Tonight's Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights Civic Association (RAFOM) meeting included pedestrians complaining about cyclists and cars, cyclists complaining about pedestrians and cars, and car drivers complaining about cyclists and pedestrians.  In short, everybody complaining about everybody else. 

We're all in this community together.  God made us all, I suppose, but one wonders.  In any case, everybody has to share the roads and share the paths.  Arlington's "Be a PAL" campaign provides good guidance.  Being a PAL means:
  • Predictable - travel in a predictable way; don't make sudden unexpected moves
  • Alert - pay attention to your surroundings and to others
  • Lawful - obey traffic laws, whether in a car, on a bike, or on foot
Cyclist riding on the road must obey the same traffic regulations that cars do.  Cyclists have an equal right as cars to be on the road.  Cyclists can lawfully ride on paths and sidewalks, but they must yield to pedestrians.

As a pedestrian, cyclists, or car driver, don't just to obey the law.  Be kind and look out for your fellow human beings.  Cyclists riding quickly past pedestrians can make them fearful, as persons as the meeting made clear.  Cyclists wanting to ride relatively rapidly should consider taking Meade St. to Marshall Dr. rather than cutting through Rosslyn Vista Park and scaring pedestrians. 

Other items from the RAFOM meeting:
  • the next Realize Rosslyn community workshop will be on Oct. 5.  The workshop will help to define the Rosslyn Sector Plan Framework and Preferred Alternative.  Look for details here.
  • the Gables Company is proposing a block redevelopment for the block bounded by N. Rolfe St., N. Fairfax Dr., N. Scott St. and 14th St.
  • a redevelopment proposal is also pending for the Wendy's / Wells Fargo Bank site between Wilson and Clarendon Blvds in the Courthouse area of greater Rosslyn
  • Hillside Park is being improved.  You can help by joining with a volunteer gardening crew doing planting in the park on Oct. 5 starting at 8am. Many persons in Rosslyn lack opportunities to work the good earth.  This is such an opportunity for everyone.
  • The Arlington free tree distribution will occur on Sat., Oct. 26.  You must sign up in advance to get a free 2-4 foot tree.  Varieties available: White Oak, Blackgum (aka Black Tupelo), Sweet Birch, Sweetbay Magnolia, Pagoda Dogwod, and Blackhaw Viburnum (shrub).  Order a free tree here.
  • The George Washington Memorial Park is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Memorial Circle around the Iwo Jima Memorial in Rosslyn Vista Park.  Keep an eye on fine news sources for further details of that important review.
  • Park officials are trying to encourage a "leave no trace" ethos of park use.  That means reduce, reuse, recycle rather than throwing things in a trash bin.  Park officials have removed most trash receptacles from the park to encourage this green thinking.  If trash is building up in the park, park officials will examine how to best address the problem.
The next RAFOM meeting will be on Oct. 23.  It will be a candidate's night.

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