Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Westmoreland Condos adopts 2.47% condo fee increase

At tonight's annual condo association meeting for the historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums, the condo Board adopted a 2.47% increase in condo fees.  Here's a list of annual Westmoreland Terrace condo fee increases from 1995 to 2012, with a comparison to price indices.  Last year the condo fee rose 3.77%

In the mailing announcing the annual meeting, owners were mistakenly sent last year's budget.  The actual budget for the past fiscal year and the forthcoming fiscal year will be sent to owners shortly.

The Board stated that the roof renovations to buildings 1301, 1307, and 1309 will start on June 2 and take about 60 days to complete. The roofing company will have to move the heat pumps. If you're in one of the buildings with a roof being renovated, testing the functioning of your air-conditioning and heating immediately after the roof renovation would be a good idea. 

The Board is exploring possibilities for buying washing machines when Westmoreland's current rental contract expires in 2015.

Board member José Calvo, serving as Chairman, was re-elected to a three-year condo Board term.  Calvo has lived in Westmoreland since 1995.  He has served on the Board since 1996.  Over nearly two decades, Calvo has done more unpaid work for Westmoreland Terrace than has anyone else.

Attending the meeting were just enough residents to achieve a quorum, Board members José Calvo, Joe Ruland, and Gretchen Sprehe; and Zalco Property Manager Lenard Goldbaum. The regularly scheduled condo Board meeting for May is canceled. The next open Board meeting will be June 30.

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