Wednesday, July 23, 2014

new bike path to Rosslyn opening soon

The new bike path on the south side of Rt. 50 is rapidly making progress towards Rosslyn.  The Ode Street Tribune's Construction Forecasting Bureau estimates that the path will be open and fully functional in about a month.

Meanwhile, controversy continues to rage about how the new path will connect to the local Arlington Blvd.  Leftists believe that the path will be taken across the access ramp to continue on the left along the local Arlington Blvd. up to the stop sign at the Queen St. bridge.  Rightist believe that path will continue on Arlington Blvd. on the right side.  That would require shifting the road over towards the left and adding a curving connection to the existing local Arlington Blvd.  The Tribune urges leftists and rightists to set aside their bitter dispute and support whatever path position best serves Rosslyn.

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Chris S said...

It'll stay to the right and it will stop at Rolfe, not go all the way to Queen.