Thursday, April 9, 2015

Artisphere constructivist installation exploring riverfront urbanism

The RACA Rosslyn constructivist art installation in front of Artisphere continues to produce fascinating tableaux. In the latest installation, waves in the Potomac are assimilated to the functional materiality of a water-proofed surface. The bridge construct gestures to the controversy over whether Rosslyn is more like Manhattan or San Francisco -- bay bridge or river crossing? The installation shows a waterfront landscape with both a strong connection to the earth and to the urban built environment.

Within the dynamic framing of the art, an earlier installation was both more sparse and more nostalgic within the same theme of waterfront urbanism. You can see debris, but you are also reminded that sand itself, the substance of the beach, is debris of stone.
Rumors have been swirling about Rosslyn that Artisphere, which is now highly successful, is closing. That's too absurd to believe. How could that be? Art will remain at Artisphere. You can count on it.

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