Sunday, May 3, 2009

Neighborhood Day on May 16

Items from the RAFOM meeting on April 29:
  • The Child Development Center, now operating from the Cherrydale Baptist Church, plans to move to Wilson School (next to the firehouse in Rosslyn) for two years. At least this should forestall the risk of demolishing Wilson School for awhile.
  • Arlington Neighborhood Day is coming up on Saturday, May 16. Last year's Neighborhood Day featured a great parade. Perhaps because of the budget squeeze, Neighborhood Day this year won't include a parade. But it will still include interesting events, including music and free refreshments at the WRIT Art Gallery and Atrium (Bennett Part Apartments) in Rosslyn.
  • The vote on the Rosslyn-Ft. Myers neighborhood sign is now scheduled for the next RAFOM meeting.
Arlington County Board member Mary Hynes addressed RAFOM about the FY 2010 Arlington County budget. Summary of the enacted budget:
To balance the budget the [County Board] approved $19.8 million in service cuts, including $12.1 million in administration and overhead reductions and more than $7.7 [million in] direct service reductions. The only tax-supported programs expanded by the County Board were critical safety net programs to help residents most affected by the recession. The County Board added more than $1 million to increase funding for programs providing shelter and transitional housing, food and emergency assistance.
Arlington is experiencing a higher rate of growth in homeless persons than other area jurisdictions, and the County Board is seeking to ensure that help is available for homeless persons. Ms. Hynes noted that the County Board made an effort to preserve Arlington-based performing and graphic arts programs. About 2000 persons in Arlington work in these fields. The Gulf Branch Nature Center was saved from demolition, but hours will be cut and staff eliminated.

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