Saturday, January 8, 2011

Verizon and Comcast respond to customers

Arlnow's post/poll on Comcast service generated a huge comment thread and responses from both Comcast and Verizon. Here's what Verizon wrote about its roll-out of Fios in Arlington:
We’ve reached out to every property we can and have successfully built out many at Verizon’s expense, but with others we have not yet, either because the owners have not yet granted permission, we haven’t been able to contact them, or in some cases we are still working on the fiber build to reach a few areas of Arlington.
Verizon has had permission to install Fios in Westmoreland Terrace Condos since mid-2008.  The Fios fiber in this neighborhood has occurred, and neighboring apartment buildings have Fios.  Yet, Fios installation in Westmoreland has been on indefinitely hold for unknown reasons.

If you're a Westmoreland resident and you want Fios, now might be a good time to contact Verizon and request it.

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