Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rosslyn similar to Shinagawa, but special and unique

With 113 votes currently cast in the poll to determine if Rosslyn is more like Manhattan or more like San Francisco, the leading vote-getter is the write-in candidate "other."  Among the write-in selections are Buffalo, Newark (New Jersey), Des Moines, Lima, and Rockville (Maryland).  The diversity of these write-ins suggests Rosslyn's cosmopolitan ambiance.  One voter wrote in "stalinist Russia," evidently recognizing that Teddy Roosevelt Island is part of Rosslyn.  Another voter insightfully wrote in Shinagawa, a suburb of Tokyo pictured above.  The similarities in deeply reflective buildings are obvious.  But the most common write-in, with a full ten instances, was "Rosslyn."  As these voters indicated, Rosslyn is unique, special, and truly beyond comparison.

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