Monday, December 15, 2014

Rosslyn spiritual fuel-stop better than Clarendon church living

Today's young professionals are fast-charging and wide-ranging. The Rosslyn's church on top of the Sunoco gas station serves young professionals and everyone else seeking a spiritual fuel-stop. Clarendon church living lacks the dynamism of the Rosslyn spiritual experience.


Anonymous said...

Both of these churches appear to be the little engine that could, capable of pulling all the condo-dwelling heathens into the promised land. Instead of dwelling on petty matters of regional competition, the OST should follow the example of these little engines and chug "I think, therefore I can."

Anonymous said...

It is good that both of these churches continue their mission, however, for me, a church should look like The Clarendon church. God is very busy, and on Sunday morning when he is passing out blessings to those who arose early to go to church, he can not miss the fact that those going to the Clarendon Church are going to a Sunday service; however, for those he sees entering the Rosslyn building, he may think they are just going to buy gasoline. The net, if you do not want to confuse God, go to the Clarendon church. Nevertheless, I wish the church above a gas station well.

Douglas Galbi said...

Since Rosslyn's is God's country, there's little chance of local confusion. Moreover, we believe that the best way to avoid regional competition is a voluntary confederation with Rosslyn.