Wednesday, January 7, 2015

be careful of black ice after snow storm

A major snow storm struck the Rosslyn region yesterday, delaying publication of the Ode Street Tribune, causing minor accidents, and turning cars white. The hill on Rosslyn's 14th St. heading toward the Iwo Jima Memorial is particularly treacherous after snow. Exercise extra caution in that area.

Efforts to support traffic on the key Virginia-Rosslyn-Washington multi-user expressway were impressive. The section from the northern gate of Rosslyn's Arlington National Cemetery around to the main gate was treated with de-icing solution on Monday afternoon. A number of cyclists braved the trail Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon it was fully plowed.

The most significant hazard now for anyone going outside is black ice. Black ice is particularly likely to lurk in parking lots. Be careful walking across parking lots and getting into cars. One slip could cause you a long period of pain.

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