Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fios in the neighborhood

Residents in some apartment buildings around Westmoreland Terrace can choose to have Fios services.  Memorial Overlook, at the corner of 12th St. N. and N. Nash St., has Fios available.  So too does Prospect House at 1200 N. Nash St.  The big new Gables 1221 complex, at 1221 N. Pierce St., has Fios.   All these buildings are upscale luxury apartment complexes.  Westmoreland, while not as luxurious, is more historically important.  Despite signing an agreement with Verizon for Fios availability in 2008, Westmoreland still doesn't have Fios available.

Update:  A highly knowledgeable reader has stated that Prospect House doesn't have Fios. See correction above.  Another reader notes that the Weldon at Arlington Blvd./N. Rolfe has Fios.  See comment below.  

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Anonymous said...

The Weldon at Arlington Blvd./N. Rolfe also has fios.