Saturday, December 8, 2012

W3FI in new, unbelievable world of communications

W3FI, a new installation at Artisphere, provokes thought about Rosslyn and cyberspace.  At night, "smartphones" project an eery glow into persons faces as they obliviously move through fashionable urban areas such as downtown Rosslyn.  With a mobile phone you can call about three billion persons around the world while hiking the Potomac River trail that starts in Rosslyn.  This is a new, unbelievable world of communications.  Many persons, perhaps even some living in Rosslyn, lack sense of physical place, physical presence, and the feel of newsprint in their hands.  That's a terrible loss.

W3FI encourages participants to recognize the connections between online and offline personas and collectives.  The exhibit offers free W3FI badges and a W3FI manifesto:
the W3FI project takes you through a journey of understanding.  Start to consider how your digital self (S3LF) impacts your everyday life.  Then see how connected all S3LFs are and how every action affects the S3LF of others; how their S3LF is part of the W3.  Finally, you move from a passive part of the W3 to becoming involved in the W3FI, the collective of S3LFs with the ability to lift each other up through positive interaction, encouragement, help, sharing, and understanding.
 The Ode Street Tribune strongly endorse the W3FI manifesto for Rosslyn. 

The world changes, and it will keep on changing.  The W3FI exhibit further strengthens Artisphere's reputation as a space where technology is artfully explored.

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