Thursday, February 7, 2013

name Rosslyn's large, beautiful national park

Rosslyn has a large, beautiful national park that includes the hallowed Iwo Jima Memorial and the Netherlands Carillon.  The park has a spectacular view of national monuments in Washington, DC.  In the summer, the park hosts the most active beach scene within 50 miles of the Greater Rosslyn Metropolitan Area.  The park is a prime location for picture-taking and kite-flying.  Yet the park doesn't have its own name.

The park is officially known only as an unnamed part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.  Some unofficially call the park Arlington Ridge.  But that's not an official name, nor is it a distinguished and appropriate name.

Rosslyn's largest park needs its own name.  The Ode Street Tribune calls on all residents to mobilize, organize, and rally until Rossly's largest park gets its own good name.  Some suggestions:
  1. Rosslyn National Memorial Park
  2. Rosslyn National Special Honor Park
  3. Rosslyn Memorial Vista Park
  4. Rosslyn National Military Remembrance Park
  5. Rosslyn National Ceremonial Park
Rosslyn's largest greenspace should not be named after a long strip of asphalt.  We must honorably, civilly, and insistently demand proper recognition for Rosslyn's national park.


Anonymous said...

According to the National Park Service (whose park it is), the name is "Arlington Ridge Park":

Unknown said...

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