Tuesday, June 4, 2013

incorrect sign in Rosslyn near Key Bridge

A sign in Rosslyn near Key Bridge declares, "Welcome to Washington DC."  That's false and misleading.  Even in terrible weather, Key Bridge brings a steady stream of persons from Georgetown seeking to get to the creative and innovative shores of Rosslyn.  Soon Rosslyn's corridor of light will welcome these visitors like a torch of liberty.  That sign, which is in Rosslyn, could truthfully declare "Rosslyn Potomac View."

In accordance with the highest journalistic standards for fully reporting the facts, we note that this misleading sign is on the Rosslyn side of Key Bridge next to the road lane leading across Key Bridge to Washington DC.  It's difficult for the Ode Street Tribune's traffic analysis division to understand why there would be any traffic in that lane. But let's assume that some vehicle was in Rosslyn heading on a path across Key Bridge to Washington DC.  It stands to reason that the driver probably wants to get a scenic view of the Rosslyn skyline.  So the sign might best read:
Right on Whitehurst Freeway for Rosslyn Skyline View
Return via Roosevelt Bridge
Mario Lopez, a leading new reporter, is confused about Rosslyn and Washington DC.  Many other persons undoubtedly are also similarly confused.  Making roadside signs correct and helpful would help to end the confusion.

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Anonymous said...

The sign is accurate, reflecting the fact that Rosslyn doesn't exist. Only North Rosslyn.