Wednesday, June 6, 2012

leading local news source adds multi-lingual versions

The Ode Street Tribune is now available in more than fifty different languages.  To get the Tribune in your preferred language, simply select that language in the drop-down box on the top of the right column on the Tribune's website.  The Tribune will then appear in the selected language.

Residents of Rosslyn have many different first languages.  In addition, Rosslyn has an international reputation as a leader in art, fashion, and bicycling.  The new versions of the Tribune will help to improve its accessibility for persons speaking a variety of languages in Rosslyn and around the globe.

We hope that readers understand the amount of skill and effort it takes to translate the Tribune into more than fifty different languages.  Our hard-working staff is not yet able to produce multi-lingual versions for the Tribune's home-delivered, email service.  As soon as sufficient resources are available, we will implement that additional service at no cost to subscribers.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Douglas Galbi said...

Unfortunately, the Tribune doesn't have a translator who understands the language in the above comments. When the Tribune Translation Bureau (TB) managers gets additional FTE hiring authority for translators, they will look for a translator skilled in that language for the TB.